Basic semesters at AU

BSP 1 and 2 at AU:

SemesterCourse/Module nameECTS

Joint start-up module5
Animal Health and Welfare
Animal production, health and welfare10
Quantitative animal nutrition and physiology10
Animal production practices5
Plant Nutrition and Health
Crop nutrition and physiology10
Crop pests biology and management10
Study design and analysis5

Organic agriculture – system analysis, product quality and environment10
Elective modules20


Colours represent:

Compulsory modules
Elective modules


Look at the Module Catalogue for detailed information.

A maximum of three compulsory modules may be replaced with the corresponding number of electives if knowledge corresponding to the content and scope of the modules to be replaced can be proven in the previous study programme. Permission shall be granted by the examination committee upon application by the student and upon recommendation from the mentor. The  elective modules can be chosen from the complete catalogue of the university’s master courses, including more than 30 disciplinary and interdisciplinary subjects.


Course Archive BSP 1 and 2 at AU: