Programme structure

The full MSc study programme is worth a total of 120 ECTS. The programme is structured in 4 semester packages, each with a work load of 30 ECTS:

The programme will start with a joint start-up module that is compulsory for all students enrolled in the programme.

When you apply for the EUR-Organic Master programme you must choose AU, BOKU or UHOH as your home university. You will be enrolled and spend the first year of the Master programme at your home university.  

At the end of the first semester you will choose your host university and one of the specialisations offered at this university.

In the second semester you will continue with the second basic semester at your home university.

In the third semester you will go to your host university and start the specialisation.

Finally, you will complete the Master programme with a Masters Thesis conducted at your host university.



Home - University1st SemesterBasic Semester 1Joint Start-up Module & e-learning (5-6 ECTS)
Compulsory & Elective Courses (24-25 ECTS)

2nd Semester


Basic Semester 2

Compulsory & Elective Courses (30 ECTS)

Host - University

3rd Semester


SpecialisationCompulsory, Elective & Free Elective Courses (30 ECTS credits)

4th Semester


Master ThesisMaster Thesis (30 ECTS credits)