Guides and forms for EUR-Organic students

Guides for EUR-Organic students

EUR-Organic Welcome Guide

A general information brochure about the structure of the EUR-Organic programme, and an overview of administrative procedures at each of the partner universities.

Download: EUR-Organic Welcome Guide

Last version: April 2017

EUR-Organic Master Thesis Guide

This information brochure guides you to successfully accomplishing your master thesis. It includes all important information on the structure of a master thesis, followed by an  overview of the detailed administrative procedures at each of the partner universities.

Download:  EUR-Organic Master Thesis Guide 2015

Last version: March 2015

EUR-Organic Graduation Guide

The EUR-Organic Graduation Guide assists you as you progress through the programme and move from your home university to your host university. It contains important information about all formal procedures and documents you need signed at the specific partner universities until your final graduation day.

Download:  EUR-Organic Graduation Guide 2015

Last version: March 2015

Forms for EUR-Organic students

EUR-Organic Specialisation Form

To choose your specialisation at your host university, this form has to be handed in to the programme coordinator of your home university at the latest 15th of December.

Download: EUR-Organic Specialisation Form

Forms for BOKU-Home and BOKU-Host students

Individual Course Plan Forms

Deadline BOKU-Home is June 1

Deadline BOKU-Host is November 30

To easely keep track of your courses this form has to be submitted to BOKU´s administrative coordinator.

Download: ICP