Specialisations at AU

  • Organic Agriculture and Animal Sciences
  • Organic Agriculture and Crop Sciences

Specialisations at BOKU

  • Soil Fertility, Water Management and Ecology
  • Organic Agricultural Production
  • Organic Agriculture in Subtropical and Tropical Environments
  • Systems, Scenarios, Sociology and Ethics
  • Local Knowledge and Ethnobiology

Specialisation at ISARA-Lyon

  • Agroecology

Specialisations at UHOH

  • Organic Crop Production
  • Socioeconomics and Organic Farming 
  • Organic Farming in the Tropics and Subtropics 
  • General modules on Organic Farming and Organic Food Chains
  • Individual profile (free choice of modules)

Specialisation at WULS-SGGW

  • Organic Food Quality and Marketing